Richard Mille Cat And Bear Appeared At The ‘clocks And Miracles’ Exhibition

RICHARD MILLE will attend September 25-28
Hong Kong WATCHES AND WONDERS The 1st Asian Haute Horlogerie Show

Watches and Wonders’ first Asian haute horlogerie exhibition (watches and miracles) is hosted by the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) Exhibitor Committee and will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from September 25th to 28th, 2013 This is also the first Haute Horlogerie exhibition in Asia.

This exhibition that conveys the design and tradition of haute horlogerie has become a trend-setting event in Asia. In fact, during this exhibition that combines culture and watch education, many rare watches will be exposed, which is worthy to many local collectors, fans of sophisticated machinery and very high-end watches Great Gospel.

RICHARD MILLE will certainly not miss this event, and is eager to share the value, exquisite craftsmanship, technical achievements and artistic dimension of the watch family with his colleagues. The booth will be unreservedly presented to everyone in the face of the RICHARD MILLE brand world, allowing visitors to be at the core of the brand’s history and see the brand’s representative works, such as the RM 001 tourbillon watch-brand series When it was launched in 2001, it launched a wave of innovation in the high-end watch industry; the RM 006 tourbillon watch-an experimental watch with a limited edition of 20 pieces, is also the first in the history of clocks to use carbon nanofibers. Platinum (nanofiber carbon baseplate) watch; RM 009 Tourbillon watch, released in 2005, limited edition of 25 pieces, with its extreme lightness (without the strap weighing only 29 grams), it showed off the appearance and other High-end watches stand out from the crowd; the 陀 RM 012 tourbillon watch combines the two major elements of architecture and plumbing (limited edition of 30 pieces), and contains the revolutionary innovative concept introduced in 2006. Therefore, RICHARD MILLE won the Geneva Fine Watch in 2008 Grand prize ‘Aiguille d’Or’; RM 018 Hommage à Boucheron tourbillon watch, RICHARD MILLE revealed his personal jewelry wrist to the world in 2008 Table interpretation. The gears of this rare watch are carved from rare and semi-rare gemstones, limited to 30 pieces; RM 020 tourbillon pocket watch, RICHARD MILLE also relived the old time and gold of pocket watches with this watch in 2008 The years have given birth to an ultra-modern and lifestyle watch with high technology.

The RICHARD MILLE booth also has a commendable design, namely the 2013 new model, which was first introduced at the Watch Fair, RM 26-01 Tourbillon RM 26-01 Panda, 18K red and gray gold, limited edition A collection of 15 jewellery watches featuring big cats and bears carved in 18K white gold, set with diamonds and black sapphires. The big bear is a symbol of peace and a representative of China’s national treasure. This model combines it with the tourbillon movement. The background is a bamboo forest lined with yellow gold and hand-painted bamboo leaves and bark.

2013 New RM 26-01 Big Cat Bear Tourbillon Watch

In addition to the unique retrospective itself, the brand has been the first since the establishment of the brand. It is hoped that the general public can incorporate the brand spirit and make the parts and tools used to make these high-performance watches within easy reach. Completed according to the requirements of fine watches. There is also a master watchmaker who came to visit this booth. Visitors can therefore fully appreciate and measure the superb craftsmanship required for watchmaking. Outstanding and distinctive, each watch truly bears witness to the philosophical concept of high-end watches and demonstrates absolute superb skills. It is a priceless gem created by the patience and superb craftsmanship