Richard Miller Launches New Chain Watch

Received a large number of suggestions from customers, RichardMille explained the brand’s first gold bracelet for two women’s watches last year: RM07-01 and RM037. For the fans of RichardMille in the original Some leather, silk satin, rubber and crocodile leather straps offer a new option.

In 2015, Richard Mille made persistent efforts to continue this gorgeous design concept. A new chain watch was launched, with a more delicate and delicate all-gold link in appearance.

Like all other handmade and delicately decorated parts, each link is carefully sandblasted, satin-finished and polished. The design of the watch is ergonomic and comfortable to wear, which has always been the focus and insistence of the brand. After countless ideas, rigorous development and various complex and rigorous tests, the brand finally created a bracelet that can be completely integrated with the case. Not only is it stylish and lightweight, but it also brings unparalleled comfort. It is a perfect fusion of design aesthetics and ergonomics.

At present, this bracelet is limited to the RM07-01 and RM037 models, which once again underscores the brand’s diverse and unique watchmaking concept for watches and accessories, and always insists on creating the most extraordinary and outstanding watches for guests.