Romantic And Affectionate, Gentle And Bright, Oris Selected Artist Watches, Affectionate Valentine’s Day

The melting snow in the New Year has ushered in a romantic Valentine’s Day, and the warmer air is melting between the intimate whispers of lovers. Love is a bit of joy and sweetness of life, and it is also a quiet stream of years. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Swiss independent watchmaking brand Oris selects the watch series of the artist to present gifts to the lovers of the world who work hand in hand in the journey of time.

Romantic burgundy-Oris Artist 112 Self-Movement Watch and Artist Diamond Calendar Women’s Watch

Oris has regained its brand tradition over the past three years and launched the excellent Oris Artist 112 self-calibre watch from the beginning of 2016. There are two choices of leather strap and stainless steel strap in the 112 series. The burgundy belt model reveals intoxicating love and echoes the elegant dial design, which outlines a romantic and elegant gentleman image. The hours and minutes of the second time zone are independently displayed on the small dial of the watch at 12 o’clock, and two windows above and below are used to distinguish day and night in the second time zone. During the day, the upper sun window is white and the lower moon window is dark; at night, the opposite is true. The change of day and night is manifested between the square inches of the dial, and the romantic love is in the timepiece on the wrist.

One of Oris’s most popular collections, the Oris Artist Watch was born in 2003. In 2016, while adhering to Oris’s exquisite aesthetics, this brand new artist diamond calendar ladies watch presented a new design, and the details of the craftsmanship are even more exquisite. Between the 28mm exquisite dials, the slim design and stretched streamlines follow the simple style, while the silver-gray or smoke-gray dials are decorated with delicate guilloche patterns, which is quite Art Deco retro art style; the bezel The 52 beautiful diamonds echo the 11 diamonds set on the scale, intertwining with the bright and gentle romantic encounter.

Reproduction of classics-Oris Artist Observatory Watch and Artist Diamond Calendar Watch

As a classic model of Oris, the Oris Artist series launched a new Oris Artist Observatory in 2016, reshaping the brand’s iconic classic models with contemporary design concepts to pay tribute to the enduring value of Swiss watchmaking. The new model has a diameter of 40mm and the case is made of stainless steel. The slim and streamlined shape shows a classic fashion style. The traditional guilloche decoration makes the simple and exquisite modern sense. Art Deco art deco style Between the square inches, the silver-white plate with rose-gold hands and retro-style scales seems to be a breeze, like a couple whisper blowing romantic ripples.

    The 28mm Oris Artist Diamond Calendar Watch also exudes a charming and classic temperament. The 11 diamonds on the scale reflect the silver dial, reflecting the gentle and elegant mature charm. Valentine’s Day is a romantic snuggle and a long-lasting confession. Oris Artist Series watches will innovate and design the traditional craftsmanship. With the long-term value of Swiss watchmaking, they will express their affection to the lovers of the world. Warmth Shaoguang stayed in the wrist forever.