Swiss Christmas Presents Romantic Moments

The transmission of emotions will make you feel unexpectedly moved at each festival; but the pursuit of emotions will make things last for centuries. The Swiss Ebolus watch records the beauty with time and witnesses every wonderful journey with you. Merry Christmas!

160th Anniversary Zuls Collection Watch for Christmas Jules Borel Collection – Limited Edition
Only one in 160 years, limited to 888 in the world

 As Christmas approaches, it is also time to prepare gifts for your loved ones. The Swiss watch brand Ernest Borel, which enjoys the reputation of “Swiss Couple Watch Model”, prepares your Christmas and New Year with a series of gift-giving watches, and presents it as the 160th anniversary of the brand approaches. Limited to 888 pieces of the 160th anniversary of the Jules Borel Collection, you will be able to relax your wrists and enjoy the romantic moments of the holiday season.

Jules Borel Collection GGR9160P-221BR

‘160 Anniversery’ commemorative words on the surface and bottom


See-through back cover etched into the Swiss watchmaking factory

 Ebolu, a Swiss watch brand that has always enjoyed the reputation of ‘Swiss Couple Watch Model’, is about to enter its 160th year in 2016. In commemoration of this historic glory, Ebolu is based on the theme of ‘Romantic Moments‧160 Years’, romantic Presenting a unique century masterpiece-160th Anniversary Zuls series limited edition commemorative watch. In the name of the founder of Ebolu, the watch has written a century-old brand’s immortal romantic legend, 160 years of history, and the hard work of countless watchmakers. It is limited to 888 pieces worldwide.
160th Anniversary Zuls Collection Limited Edition Commemorative Watch Introduction
 The treasures of the century condensing the wisdom and painstaking efforts of watchmakers of the Ebolus era are shining with a glorious 160-year-old gold history. At this festival, it is like a wishing star dotted on the crown of a tree.

 Fully automatic mechanical movement structure with precise layout. The calendar, weekly calendar and power reserve function are embedded in the dial with separate windows of circular and fan shape, and the hollow-shaped spear-shaped hour and minute hands pass lightly through the three instrument windows. The complex multi-layered space architecture, six needles follow each path, the pointer runs in a circle (weekly calendar), the pointer reverses the movement (calendar), and the pointer energy senses the left and right swing movement (42H power reserve), fully showing the beauty of mechanical rhythm.

 The layered lines with beautiful arcs are like a gorgeous camellia, and the petals are a portrait of the wonderful journey of life. The 6H position on the surface and the case back feature ‘160th Anniversary’ commemorative words, a crocodile leather strap, 12 square base natural diamonds, and a lustrous rose gold case, shining bright light. The see-through back cover etches the appearance pattern of the Swiss watchmaking factory in Ebolu. The case is uniquely coded and attached with an exclusive limited edition certificate. It is of extraordinary significance to commemorate and inherit the glory of the family.

Swiss made 9094 high-end automatic movement
Six-pin multi-dial function indication
Fine polished / rhodium plated / blue steel screws
Geneva stripes
3H retrograde pointer calendar
6H power reserve (42H) display
9H-bit circular pointer week calendar
12 Brilliant Natural Diamond Charms
316L stainless steel case
Crocodile leather strap
Ion plating rose gold
Sapphire crystal glass
50 meters waterproof
Case size: diameter Ф40.00 mm, thickness 11.40 mm
‘160th Anniversary’ commemorative words on the surface and bottom
Etching on the bottom and back of the watch
Case uniquely coded with exclusive limited edition certificate
Limited edition of 888
Brand Founder-About Zuls

In 1856, Mr. Jules Borel, a young and ambitious watchmaker, chose to establish his first watchmaking company Borel and Courvoisier (the predecessor of Époro) in Neuchâtel, the “Swiss Watch Kingdom”. , It means that he must have a skill, wisdom and courage different from ordinary people in order to gain a foothold in the watchmaking world such as Lin.

In 1860, this galloping and powerful black horse won the championship in the watch competition hosted by the Neuchâtel Observatory. The escapement mechanism pocket watch also won the first prize in the competition. Then in the London Watch Show in 1862, 1876 The Philadelphia Watch and Clock Fair in 1878 and the Paris Watch and Clock Fair in 1878 repeatedly made great achievements and won gold awards to Swiss watch exhibitors.

The honor brought more and more attention to Borel and Courvoisier, and also brought more and more challenges to watchmakers, including Mr. Jules Borel, to continuously introduce various craftsmanship and beautifully designed clocks. At the same time as the product, the use of high-end artificial intelligence to promote the development of watchmaking skills, such as the transformation of the ring clockwork system, through a booster or the lock of the clock technology research and development, has become this generation of watchmakers Often faced with problems, they have demonstrated by example and worked hard to make a significant contribution to the rise, growth and continuation of the family business.