Tag Heuer Carlisle Pan American Highway Rally

Do you know Calella Pan American Highway Rally? This is a wild and mythical road race. From October 17th to 23rd, the participating teams will drive classic cars through the 3,000 km course across Mexico. TAG Heuer is the official partner of this rally and the official designated timekeeper. The same love for challenges and extreme sports has strengthened the cooperation between the two sides.

   TAG Heuer and Calella Pan American Highway Rally have been associated for more than 50 years. In 1963, Jack Heuer designed TAG Heuer’s first Carrera series watch according to the image of the driver in his mind. Whether in terms of image or high recognition, this watch is a perfect match with the racer, and it is from then on that Carrera has become an inseparable part of the brand identity.

   Also in 1963, Erik Comas was born in Romain, Drôme, France. At that time, he did not know that he would participate in the Carrera Pan American Highway Rally as the leader of the TAG Heuer team. In his professional career, he once wore two beautiful TAG Heuer Carrera series chronographs. He has gathered in the wrist with the past and present. The driver’s career and TAG Heuer are perfectly integrated.