The Moon Is Shining, A Classic Heritage H. Moser & Cie. Henry Moser Heritage Moonphase Watch Takes You To Discover The Wrist Between The Mid-autumn Festival

‘I don’t see the ancient times and moons this month, and this month once looked at the ancients.’ Things change with stars, and only the moonlight that is constant in ancient times can continue to miss the load. People often use the full moon of the bright moon to convey the feeling of nostalgia, and it is also the year of the Mid-Autumn Festival. H. Moser & Cie. Henry Moser presents the Heritage perpetual moon phase watch, and you will see the 15 full moons. Pass your thoughts on the timepiece on your wrist, taste the cycle between the moon phase and the square inch; accompany the family to enjoy the beauty of the sky.

From the full moon to the waning moon, the moonset and moonrise, the continuous cycle, reveals our eternal thinking about the universe. H. Moser & Cie. Heritage Moonphase watch is inspired by Henry Moser pocket watches, shining and charming, symbolizing the beauty of elegant heritage. The Henry Moser Heritage Moonphase watch has a round case, because of the relationship between the moon phase and the tide and the ocean; the blue enamel decoration echoes the overall elegance, and the distinctive classicism style is reflected in the crown with a sawtooth shape And the ‘big fire’ enamel on the dial, with hand drawn Roman numerals and flame blue dovetail hands, enhances the watch’s overall elegance. Blue enamel with a pure white dial, like a deep blue sky and a smiling moon, the reincarnation of time is fast, reminding us to seize the moment, engraving the moment of mid-autumn night and the warmth of family and lovers, to spend an unforgettable time together .
The moon leaves a mysterious and undetectable impression. The more observable it becomes, the more elusive it is, adding texture to the moon phase table. The HMC 801 manual winding movement designed and manufactured for the Heritage Moon phase watch is powered by a replaceable Moser escapement. The power reserve indicator on the side of the movement ensures a power reserve of at least 7 days. In addition, Heritage Moon Phase watch is adjusted by a button on the side edge of the case, and its accuracy of adjustment, reading and prediction can reach within one minute. Different from other moon phase watches, the Perpetual Moon Phase watch of Henri Moser & Cie beats one gear every hour.
The exploration of the moon can be described as the perseverance of humankind. Henri Moser has never ceased to innovate and design. Through the Heritage Perpetual Moon Phase Watch, H. Moser & Cie. Henry Moser intends to revive the richest man in the history of watchmaking. Poetic complexity has a long-standing reputation-it is a complex device that displays the monthly cycle. The moon, which has an impact on the ocean, has always been a mysterious attraction to humans. On this watch, the moon shape located in the large window at 6 o’clock has promoted the watch as a model of classic timepiece with charming charm.

HERITAGE Perpetual Moon Phase Watch Technical Specifications
Reference 8801-0200, white gold, white enamel dial, blue alligator strap, limited to 30 pieces
Pure 18K white gold with engraved side edges and blue enamel
Diameter: 42.0 mm, thickness: 12.2 mm
Sapphire crystal glass
White ‘Big Fire’ enamel dial with hand drawn Roman numerals
Hour markers, flame blue dovetail hour and minute hands, central seconds
Homemade manual winding HMC 801 movement
Diameter: 34.0 mm or 15 Lenny, thickness: 6.5 mm
Frequency: 18,000 vibrations / hour
28 jewels, screw-on gold base
Power reserve: double barrel, at least 7 days
All balance wheels and pinions have chamfered rings and Moser teeth
Replaceable Moser escapement
Original Straumann Hairspring® hairspring
Traditional balance wheel with gold adjustment screws, gold escape wheel and pallet fork
Hours and minutes
Small seconds and stop seconds
AM / PM Indication — 12 to 6 o’clock time indication of AM
Hour markers from 7 to 11 o’clock in the afternoon
Large moon phase display
Movement-side power reserve indicator
Moon phase adjustment button on the side of the case
Hand-stitched blue alligator strap
18K White Gold Pin Buckle with Moser Logo