Twenty Years Later, This Hollywood Blockbuster Has Returned To ‘revenge’! ‘independence Day 2: Come Back’ With Hamilton Watch Back

Hamilton watches enjoy a high reputation for innovative design and precise craftsmanship, and hold a pivotal position in the aviation and film world. After appearing in the last episode of Independence Day twenty years ago, this summer, Hamilton watches will return to the big screen, appearing in the new sci-fi giant of the twentieth century Fox film, Independence Day 2 : Independence Day: Resurgence.

   Twenty years ago, a movie called ‘Independence Day’ made a big splash and set a box office record. It tells the story of an alien invading the earth, a momentous blow to human civilization, and a group of earth people fighting together to rise.
   For a lot of post-80s fans, it may be the first Hollywood blockbuster watched in life. It first defined what is called a ‘sci-fi disaster movie’, and it made people of that era realize that the original Hollywood movies already had such advanced special effects level. ‘The alien mothership appeared in the sky and blew up the White House.’ In one scene, the audience who had watched the film must have been deeply impressed.

   Outstanding special effects won it the Oscar for best visual effects and was nominated for best sound effects.
   The film’s director, Roland Emmerich, is even more famous. He is the master of Hollywood disaster films. ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ and ‘2012’ are all from his own hands. The earth has been ‘destroyed’ several times in his hands!
   The Hamilton Carlisle watch has made a wonderful exit in the show, and until now, this is one of the proudest collaborations between Hamilton and Hollywood films.
   Since the release of Independence Day in 1996, fans worldwide have been looking forward to the sequel. Twenty years later, its sequel will shockly present the spectacular scene of global power with a huge scale beyond imagination.
   ‘Independence Day 2: A Comeback’ will be screened globally on June 24.

Independence Day 2: A Comeback
   We know they will make a comeback.

   This time, the scale of Independence Day 2: A Comeback is beyond imagination. Global defense forces are united, and countries use the technology left by the aliens to jointly implement large-scale defense programs to protect the planet together. However, alien invaders struck with more advanced and unprecedented force, and human beings could not resist it. Several resourceful warriors came forward to save the planet from the brink of extinction.

   The cast of ‘Independence Day 2: Comeback’ is even more powerful. The actor Liam Hemsworth is a new-generation Hollywood actor who has participated in ‘Hunger Games 3’ and is also the role of Thor The brother of Chris Hemsworth. Other starring roles include Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Maika Monroe, and Chinese film star Angelababy.
‘Every minute counts’
   Time is the key to a global joint fight against alien invasion and to prevent the doom of humanity. Pilot Jake Morrison, played by Liam Hemsworth, wore a rugged and reliable Hamilton Khaki series that surpassed the wind speed automatic chronograph, and drove the fighter aircraft to face the challenge.

   This tough watch inherits the brand’s proud military heritage and is designed for adventure, perfect for all defense tasks. The 44mm stainless steel case’s buttons are ingeniously designed in an ‘X’ shape with a brown calfskin strap to add a touch of elegance to the watch.

   This chronograph is equipped with an automatic movement with day and date display and a yaw calculator for the pilot to measure crosswind. Even if equipped with advanced alien technology, it is necessary to accurately grasp the time, and the Hamilton Khaki series goes beyond the wind speed automatic chronograph completely to meet the needs of precise time control.

   Hamilton watches have appeared in more than 450 movies, and ‘Independence Day 2: Come Back’ is the latest film to participate. The brand’s first collaboration with the film industry dates back 65 years, when the brand’s watch debuted on the screen in the movie ‘The Frogmen.’ Since then, Hamilton has worked closely with costume designers and prop makers to provide watches for filmmakers.

   In the long-term relationship between Hamilton and Hollywood, the brand has uncovered many opportunities brought by the red carpet. Therefore, the brand founded the ‘Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards’, held in Los Angeles and Shanghai. The awards pay tribute to the film’s elite behind the scenes, recognizing their contribution to high-quality films, and making every well-made film leave an unforgettable impression in the hearts of the audience.