Welcome To The Chinese New Year

Swatch has always been passionate about partying, especially exciting events that last for weeks! The Chinese Lunar New Year is coming, Swatch integrates Chinese tradition and welcomes the Chinese New Year of the Sheep. Traditional celebrations will begin on Thursday, February 19, 2015, accompanied by a grand parade and family gatherings, and will continue until the famous Lantern Festival in early March. We can’t wait to feel the festival!

‘Sheep’ Story
   Throughout the history of China, from ancient hunting to nomadic farming, sheep have always been close companions in people’s daily lives. Even to this day, people still take the sheep with a docile personality and silver clothes as a symbol of peace and harmony. Sheep also represent wealth and prosperity, because in ancient times, sheep lived in the homes of rich people, and were called ‘Ji sheep’, which means ‘lucky sheep’. Over time, the word ‘Yang’ gradually evolved into ‘Xiang’, representing safety and good luck. The lamb will kneel down to thank the ewe for her care and care, so the sheep is also considered a polite, humble and grateful animal, thus becoming a symbol of ‘respect for the elderly’. The Goat’s Keeper

   Inspired by the above story, Swatch created a special “2015 Year of the Monkey • Sheep” watch for the Chinese New Year. On this series of colored New Gent watches, the dial and strap printing are of course indispensable for the theme image of ‘sheep’. The new year’s special watch also comes in a special package-the oval carton is printed with the theme ‘sheep’ pattern on the watch, and the side is printed with a zigzag pink and green triangle pattern. The glittering golden dots surround the sheep’s head like a vortex, which clearly indicates the wealth, prosperity and good luck of the coming year!
SUOZ1892015 Year 2 • Sheep
Style: New Gent
Dial: color printing
Case: transparent blue plastic
Bracelet: white silicone, color printing