Worldwide Limited Edition Platinum Edition Ultrathin Perpetual Calendar 30th Anniversary Watch

In order to pay tribute to the first perpetual calendar watch, Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet) watchmaker has carefully designed a limited edition platinum edition ultrathin perpetual calendar 30th anniversary watch. Today, two new ultra-thin perpetual calendar watches are added to the Jules Audemars collection.
   Jules Audemars ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch, 18K rose gold case, diameter 41 mm, thickness 9.15 mm, hour, minute, day of the week, date, month leap year, moon phase profit and loss display, Audemars Piguet Cal.2120 / 2802 automatic winding super Thin movement, thickness 4 mm, power reserve 40 hours, polished pearl dots on the board, polished bridges with Geneva ripples and pearl dots, corners are polished and polished, sapphire crystal transparent bottom, waterproof 20 meters , Large scale crocodile leather strap with AP word folding buckle.
   Audemars Piguet’s Jules Audemars series, 18K rose gold case inherits the elegant features of the 2008 commemorative watch, with brown or silver dial, you can choose. Seen from the side, its elegant and slim ultra-thin case is fascinating; and the perpetual calendar mechanism with a thickness of only 4 mm has practical functions such as date, moon phase, leap year display, etc. In addition, the dial is decorated like sunlight and shadow changes The matte finish and delicate rose gold hour markers are even more outstanding under the slender bezel.
   The perpetual calendar device uses ingenious mechanical principles to accurately reproduce all calendar messages. The rule of changing the length of a month is ‘recorded’ on a cam. The bulge on the rim represents a month of 31 days, and the groove represents a month of 30 days. On the same axis, there is another gear and a distinction between February and February. It is connected to the other cams in February and makes one revolution every four years to show the leap year cycle. Therefore, the Jules Audemars ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch does not require any adjustments before March 1, 2100. Until that day, just use the hidden adjustment knob on the side of the case to adjust, and then you can rest easy for a hundred years.
    Cal.2120 / 2802 self-winding movement, with a total diameter of 28.4 mm, the movement does not include an assembled outer ring diameter: 121/2 francs (28 mm), thickness: 4 mm, 38 rubies, 355 components, plate Pearl dots polished, bridges decorated with Geneva ripples and pearl dots, corners polished and polished

    This ingenious perpetual calendar device is installed on the Cal. 2120 basic movement, which is highly regarded by connoisseurs of fine watches. Cal.2120 self-winding movement is the world’s thinnest central automatic movement, with a thickness of only 2.45 mm! From design to production, the characteristics are completely completed in the interior of the Blassus Audemars Piguet factory and its delicate decoration, Makes this movement a model for high-end watches in all aspects of refinement, reliability and superior performance.